Bodegas Los Bermejos

Address:  Camino a los Bermejos, nº 7. 35550 – La Florida – San Bartolomé

Phone: 928 522 463 / 627 963 654

Fax:  928 522 641



Registered:  18/07/2001

Brand:   Bermejo

Type:   Bottling company

It is located on the Los Bermejos property at the foot of the volcano named after one of the most famous members of the founding family: Juan Bello.

In 2001, a new company took over to re-establish the winery and was very successful, placing it at the forefront of technology, experimentation, and quality, the latter based on the quality of the grape its wines are made with, controlling its development, health, ripening, and harvesting, and intervening as little as possible so that the wines are natural expressions of our grape varieties.

It offers single-variety wines such as dry malvasia, semi-sweet malvasia, sweet malvasia, dry Diego, and sweet moscatel as well as coupages such as carbonic maceration red, red aged in casks, and rosé, based on the greatest expression that they can offer.

Currently all wines from Bodegas Los Bermejos are prepared with grapes cultivated in Lanzarote and protected by the Vinos de Lanzarote Designation of Origin Regulatory Council.

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