Bodegas La Grieta

Address:  C/ Aulaga, 14 – Punta Mujeres, Haría

Phone: 928 848 110 / 616 908 484


After many years of agricultural tradition especially in vine-growing, it was in 2007 that our wine “La Grieta” was unveiled; it was made in the winery’s new facilities, a project that was born with great enthusiasm and desire to improve. The winery has 15 hectares of vines in the northern part of the island, where the majority are more than 500 meters high.

The vineyards have ungrafted root stock, made up of the old European vines that best adapt to the climate of Lanzarote. Moreover, they are located in certain areas with specific microclimates. The majority of the vineyards are comprised by 100-year-old vines, with low yields and soft, long ripening periods, contributing to the quality of our wines.

The grape harvest begins around the end of July and ends in October. It is done manually in small 20 kilo boxes in order for the grape to arrive to the winery in the best conditions. They are subsequently subjected to manual selection in the winery.

With the utmost care, the preparation of the wine gives rise to our malvasias, distinguished by their fine and elegant aromas and a balanced and fresh taste. That is not to exclude the excellent red wine from the north.

The Malpaís de Máguez winery is at sea level and less than 150 meters from the coast. Our wines are fermented, decanted, and rest in tanks next to the murmur of Atlantic waves. Finally, they are bottled and distributed on the market.

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