Bodegas Guiguan

Address: Avenida Los Volcanes, nº 116. 35560 – Tinajo – Tinajo

Phone: 928 840 715 / 659 971 555



Founded : 2005 – Registered: 20/07/2006

Brand: Guiguan

Type: Bottling company

Within the wine tradition that is still followed by family wineries, there is Bodegas Guiguan. With information about how to cultivate the vine and the wine making system, an entire lifestyle emerges.

Nowadays, it has been greatly modernized: they’ve renewed their vines, invested in technology, and have a Certificate of Designation of Origin, which ensures careful production and vintage, both governed by a demanding regulation for modern wineries. They work on all fronts to produce quality wines, increase competitiveness, and strengthen the industry.

These changes are already underway, while always attempting to conserve the aroma, the ambiance of a wine-making village from another time: the must fermentation, wine preparation, tastings of recently made wines, colors, scents, tastes from the new wine… Although, these wines do have a lower proof than in years gone by.

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