Winery Montaña Clara

(Clear Mountain)

Registered: 2/17/1994

Brand: Mozaga, Lagar Reserva, Teiga and Guadarfia

Type: Own bottling


The Montaña Clara winery are proud of the long tradition they have of wines of a high quality at the time of processing. The Montaña Clara winery was founded as a society in 1973. Since then, this winery has chosen to produce wines such as crianza and currently has the greatest number of varieties on the market including: Malvasía Dry, Semi-sweet and Sweet, Diego Young and Diego Crianza (1995), Muscatel Young and Muscatel Great Special Reserve 1975. This last wine has received many awards.

The Malvasía grape, Listán Blanca, Diego or Muscatel – among others – come from the fields and vineyards of Tinajo, and give body to the majority of wines that reach the entire Archipelago, Mainland Spain and parts of Germany as well as marketing 65% of its production to Lanzarote.

Address: Road Arrecife-Tinajo Km. 8 . 35.562,  Mozaga San Bartolomé

Fax: 928.521.409

Winery  José Antonio Rodríguez Martín

Registered: 7/15/2010

Brand:   Tierra de Volcanes (Land of Volcanes)

Type: Own bottling

A traditional, family run winery,  known for its many years of artisan production. Run by José Antonio Rodriguez, that starts with the Regulating Council of the Denomination of Origin “Wines from Lanzarote” in November 2010, under the brand name Land of Volcanoes.

Tato – as he is known by all – makes his leap into the ‘professionalism’ with an initial production of 8,100 litres of Malvasía, alongside red wines and rose that are being bottled for distribution among the restaurant businesses of the island.

Located in the village of Yaiza, and with a wine growing area of 40,000 square meters of La Geria, Land of Volcanoes is a clear example of a local family winery that has been transformed into a successful business thanks to the quality of its wines.

Address: Las Vistas, no 18 . 35570,  Yaiza, Yaiza




Winery Rostro Colorado S.L.

Founded : 1/10/2009  – Registered: 10/1/2009

Brand:   Vulcano de Lanzarote (Volcano of Lanzarote)

Type: Own bottling

‘To taste the pure volcanic essence ……’ Winery Vulcano, was born out of a  family dream after the efforts and continued dedication to the cultivation and care of the vineyards of Lanzarote.

Our purpose and aim  is to obtain quality wines from Lanzarote.

Taste our wines with fresh and fruity character:

– Vulcano Volcanic Malvasía

– Vulcano Volcanic Malvasía Semisweet

– Vulcano Rosé

– Vulcano Red Barrel fermented

– Vulcano Sweet Muscatel

Address:  Víctor Fernández Gopar,8 . 35572,  Tías, Tías
Telephone: 928 834 456  / Fax:928 524 384

Winery Malpais de Máguez

(Badlands of Máguez)

Registered: 1/30/2008

Brand:   La Grieta

Type: Own bottling


After many years of agricultural tradition and in particular to the vineyard, in the year 2007 the winery presents the wine called  La Grieta, “crack”, developed in new facilities of the winery, a project that was born with great enthusiasm and overcoming some efforts. Winery counts with 15 hectares of vineyard in the north of the island with majority of vineyards located in higher than 500 meters of altitude.


The vineyards are type “pie franco” (=frank leg, pure plants-no grafting), constituted by grapevine plants of old Europe, that best adapted to the climate of Lanzarote. As well they are located in certain areas with specific microclimates. The majority of the vineyards make up century-old vines, with low yields and soft and long maturation, all this contributing to the quality of our wines.


The harvest begins around the end of July and ends in October. It is done manually into small boxes of 20 kilograms in order to allow the grapes to arrive in the best condition at  the winery. It then undergoes a manual selection in the cellar.


The development, with maximum care and thoroughness, gives origin to our Malvasías, characterized by fine and elegant aromas and balanced and fresh impression in the mouth. Our red wines, possess the unbeatable qualities of the northern zone.


The cellar of Malpaís Maguez is situated at sea level,  less than 150 meters from the coast. Our wines are fermented and decanted before being rested in deposits with a lullaby of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Finally they are bottled and distributed to the market.


Address: C/ Cueva de los Verdes nº 5 . 35.542,  Punta Mujeres Haría
Telephone: 928 848 110 / 616 908 484  / Fax: 928 848 110


Winery B.T.L. Lanzarote, S.L.

Registered: 11/12/2007

Brand:   Stratvs

Type: Own bottling


Winery Stratvs was born as a tribute to the work of the winegrowers who have helped to bring about the unique landscape that is La Geria.

Tradition and innovation is the motto of the Stratvs winery, that, from an environmental point of view, aims to raise the quality of wines from Lanzarote, using the most modern technologies.

The STRATVS project is innovative and pioneering. By visiting the interior of the wineries as well as their external environment, and disseminating the winemaking in Lanzarote and showcasing the STRATVS products, it’s a unique initiative and commercial strategy for the island.

Address: Road La Geria-Yaiza, Km. 18 . 35.570,  La Geria Yaiza
Telephone: 928 809 977  / Fax: 928 524 651


Winery El Grifo, S.A.

Founded : 1775   –    Registered: 2/17/1994

Brand:   El Grifo, Chimidas y Ana

Type: Own bottling


Winery El Grifo, founded after the volcanic eruptions in 1775, is the oldest active winery of the Canary Islands and one of the ten oldest wineries in Spain. Nestled in the old watering hole, El Grifo holds a family vineyard of 50 hectares around the winery. The ancient constructions are allocated to the Museum of Wine, with free public access, visited annually by 45,000 people.

The wines of El Grifo are sold in the Canary Islands, Spain, Germany, England and USA. For more information see the website.


Address: Lugar El Grifo – Road Teguise-Uga, LZ-30, Km.11 . 35.550,   San Bartolomé
Telephone:928.524.036  / Fax:928.832.634


Winery Barreto, S.L.

Registered: 2/17/1994

Brand:   El Campesino (The Farmer)

Type: Own bottling


The Barreto family takes more than a century of dedication to the viticulture in Lanzarote. Angel Barreto Viera is the current owner and director of one of the wineries founded in 1950, with a modest production of 200 litres. The vineyards of La Geria and Masdache give life to the wines including: Malvasia Dry and Diego El Campesino.
The varieties currently marketed by Bodegas Barreto are the White Semi-sweet Malvasía and Dry, Young Red Wine, Red barrel fermented, liquor of Muscatel and liquor of Malvasía. These last two wines have been awarded respectively with the Alhóndiga award 1996, 1997 and 1998.

With regards to the destination of its annual production, like most wineries, the markets are within Lanzarote, and also on other islands.

Address: Road del Centro, nº 64 . 35.572,  Masdache, Tías
Telephone:687.881.509  / Fax:928.802.047


Winery La Geria, S.L.

Registered: 2/17/1994

Brand:   La Geria y Manto

Typ: Own bottling


La Geria winery is located in the centre of the natural landscape of La Geria, and in fact in the most important viticulture zone of the island of Lanzarote. The winery was built in the late 19th century by the family Rijo and in 1993 was acquired by its current owners. It has a capacity of 300,000 liters and is currently one of the most important wineries on the island. From the eight types of wines produced are the most important Malvasías, consumed as Dry, Semi-sweet or Sweet.

Address: Road La Geria, Km. 19 . 35.570,  Yaiza, Yaiza

Telephone:928.173.178  / Fax:928.173.784


Winery Reymar, S.L.

Registered: 2/19/1995

Brand:   Reymar

Type: Own bottling


In 1995 a family wine tradition led the brothers Jose Daniel, Maria del Rosario and Francisco A. Perdomo to found a winery. Reymar was registered the same year by the Regulatory Council, despite a reduced average production of 32,000 bottles.

Malvasía, Muscatel and Black Listan are the varieties of grapes used for the elaboration of its wines: Malvasía Semisweet, Rosé, Young red wine, and rather precious wine, the White Dry Malvasía.  Marketing of this range of native wines is performed in more than 99% in Lanzarote. The small remaining percentage is meant to be for the market in the other Canary Islands and Mainland Spain.

Address: Plaza de Los Dolores, nº 19 . 35.560,  Mancha Blanca Tinajo
Telephone: 928.840.737 / 649.993.096  / Fax: 928.840.737


Winery Vega De Yuco S.A.T.

Registered: 7/16/1997

Brand:   Vega de Yuco, Princesa Ico, Yaiza y Famara

Type: Own bottling


In 1997 Vega De Yuco was founded and incorporated into the Regulatory Council of Lanzarote as another new local winery with the nickname “Vega de Yuco”.

The vineyards of Masdache and in certain areas in Tinajo are the umbrella of the Malvasia grape with which this winery produces its Vega de Yuco Red, Rosé, Malvasía Vega de Yuco, Malvasía Princesa Ico and Semi-sweet. But the flagship wine is their Malvasía grapes Vega de Yuco Dry. In terms of the marketing and distribution they work similarly to other wineries, commercializing their first 100,000 units bottled to Lanzarote and the other six islands of the Archipelago. A small percentage goes towards mainland Spain and Germany.

Address: Camino del Cabezo, s/n . 35.572,  Tías Tías
Telephone:928.524.316 / 609.217.011  / Fax:928.524.316


Winery Castillo de Guanapay, S.L.

Registered: 7/16/1997

Brand:   Castillo de Guanapay y Lapilli

Type: Own bottling


The commitment and the “know-how” how to make wine, led the five partners, Conejeros ( like the ones who hunt rabbits) to launch  in 1997 a new winery on the island. Through the united efforts of Nicholas de Páez, Cándido Reguera, Eduardo Martinón, Juan Cabrera and Eduardo Pacheco, Castillo de Guanapay was born, and together with it the wines of quality with the Designation of Origin, as there could be no other way to be registered in the Regulatory Council of Wines of Lanzarote.

Situated in La Asomada, in the old house of Pepe Pérez.


With the recognition of having distributed almost all of its first production mainly to Lanzarote and the rest of the Archipelago, Castillo de Guanapay prepares for clients and wine lovers the good wine liquor of Muscatel.. The Malvasia grapes that collect in certain areas of the island are the fruit used for making all these wines.

They process wines such as Malvasía White, Red, Rosé and Liquor of Muscatel.

Address:  Calle La Asomada, nº 39 . 35.572,  Tías Tías
Telephone:629.039.750 / 609.700.909  / Fax:928.804.579 / 928.823.276


Winery Finca Las Quemadas, S.L.

Registered: 2/22/1999

Brand:   El Alto

Type: Own bottling

Address: Camino Las Quemadas, nº 12 . 35.560,  La Vegueta, Tinajo

Telephone:928.173.510  / Fax:928.521.049


Winery Germán López Figuera, S.L.

Registered: 8/4/1999

Brand:   Rubicón y Amalia

Type: Own bottling


The Winery Rubicon is located in La Geria, the most important viticulture zone of the island of Lanzarote. Our vineyards are part of a natural landscape protected and characterised by a unique form of vine cultivation. The winery dates back to the mid 18th century. Had been through different reconstructions and extensions during decades until the year 2000. The combination of traditional techniques and the latest technological advances gives origin to a wine of great quality, sold in different varieties.

Address: Road. Teguise-Yaiza, nº 2 . 35.570,  La Geria Yaiza
Telephone:928.802.632 / 928.173.708  / Fax:928.802.633


Winery Los Bermejos, S.L.

Registered: 7/18/2001

Brand:   Bermejo

Type: Own bottling


It is located at finca Los Bermejos, on the skirt of the volcano that takes its name from one of the best known members of the founding family, “Juan Bello”.

In the year 2001 a new society responsible for initiating the business succeeded, placing forefront in technology, testing and quality, the latter based on the quality of the grape from which wine is made, by controlling its development, health, ripening and harvesting and interfering as little as possible to ensure that the wines are natural expressions of our grape varieties.

Its wines are monovarietal such as Malvasía Dry, Semi-sweet, Sweet, Diego Dry or Sweet Muscatel or “coupage” such as the Red carbonic maceration, Red aged in oak barrels or Rosé, always with the maximum expression that they can achieve.

Currently all the wines from Bodegas Bermejos are made from grapes grown in Lanzarote and covered by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin wines from Lanzarote.

Address: Camino a los Bermejos, nº 7 . 35.550,  La Florida San Bartolomé
Telephone:928.522.463 / 627.963.654  / Fax:928.522.641


Winery Tomás Perdomo Cabrera

Registered: 5/1/2003

Brand:   Viña Meseta

Type: Own bottling


Framed in the estate of the same name and covered by the Regulatory Council, it is owned by Thomas Perdomo Cabrera. With the effort and dedication in the selection of the harvest and daily care of the vineyard, he has been able to renew and expand all their vineyards, in order to offer the highest quality wines in the varieties of Malvasía and Red, with the most exquisite taste of Lanzarote. The production is limited, however with the best aromas and incomparable taste to the palate.

Address: Camino El Peñón, nº 14 . 35.560,  La Vegueta Tinajo
Telephone:676.090.289  / Fax:928.840.425


Winery Guiguan, S.L.

Founded : 2005  – Registered: 7/20/2006

Brand:   Guiguan

Type: Own bottling


One of the winery’s that still retains small family cellars is Winery Guiguan.  The knowledge and data of how to cultivate the vineyard and the wine-making process is a way of life.

Nowadays, it has been much more modernized : vines have been renewed, technology has been invested in, and we count on Declaration of the Denomination of Origin, all of which guarantees the development of a quality product, governed by strict regulations for the current wine cellars. The target aims to produce wines of quality, increase the competitiveness and strengthen the sector.

Many new changes are being made, however as long as we preserve all the wine aromas, the village atmosphere in wine from the old times, the fermentation of grape must, the traditional way of  wine elaboration, wine tasting from freshly prepared wine, the colours, aromas, tastes of the new wine… than yes, we can be pleased and satisfied….

Address:  Avenida Leos Volcanes, nº 116 . 35.560,  Tinajo Tinajo
Telephone:928.840.715 / 659.971.555  / Fax:928.840.715


Winery Martinón, S.L.

Registered: 7/20/2006

Brand:   Martinón y Mayor Guerra

Type: Own bottling


At the beginning of the year 2006 the family Martinón decides to launch a project for the establishment of a winery in Masdache, municipality of Tías. One of the most attractive elements of the project was the possibility of developing a monovarietal wine from Malvasía , in other words wines made exclusively with a unique variety of grapes.

For this purpose served perfectly a family vineyard, which in its majority is composed of vine of this noble and interesting variety, which in addition could be controlled, pampered, and able to decide the exact time of the harvest and apply the appropriate treatment.

Its wines are carefully and thoroughly elaborated since the very beginning and can be served as both, as Malvasía in a pure state or Malvasía gone through the most advanced technology. The wines they make in the winery are Malvasia 100 %, Rosé de Ley and Red.

Address: Camino del Mentidero, nº 2 . 35.572,  Masdache Tías
Telephone: 928. 834.160 / 649.980.385  / Fax:928.512.790


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