Types of cultivation

Types of cultivation:




• In the Northern area the plantation frame ranges between 1.5 and 2m between each      plant.

• In the area of Tinajo, approximately 1.5 m.

• In La Geria the plantation frame reaches up to 4m.


This difference in the plantation frames depends on the cropping system being used. In the area of La Geria the system of holes is used due to the thickness of the layer of lapilli or picon, which in some areas reaches 3m in depth. This is why plantation density is lower than in the rest of the island.


The area of Tinajo and Haría uses the system of trenches (long walls), either edge or trench in the whole plot. The layer of lapilli in this area is much less, especially in Haría, where in some areas is very low. The main wine area of Haría is called Ye-Lajares.


Note: In chapter II, article 6; section 5.1, of the regulation, there is more information about the planting density, depending on the type of pruning used.


PRODUCTION MAX AUTHORIZED (in kg per hectare): 7,000 kg per hectare.


AVERAGE VINE AGE: ranges between 30 and 50 years as a general average, plant age was found either very old or the new plantations are about 5-6 years.


TYPE OF PRUNING: in harrow


TYPE OF HARVEST: Traditional, takes place without any mechanization, collecting grapes as carefully as possible, directed to the elaboration of the protected, healthy grapes. The harvest coincides with the absorptive capacity of the wineries to avoid the grape deterioration and moreover the quality of wine.